We are an ensemble of theatre-makers como aprender a operar en forex led by Simon Day, based in Bristol, UK.


We put ourselves in the service of stories that beg to be told onstage, to create shows of craft and consequence that get under the skin.


Rahimullah & Sons

Currently in development…


An English ensemble exhume a litany of stories from The White Cemetery in Kabul: a tiny icon forex trading como funciona of misadventure, and the final resting place for an international cast of soldiers, explorers, aid workers and diplomats whose deaths span three centuries.


“There are three key moments in how the idea for this show came about. The first was just over 12 years ago. I remember watching the news wide-eyed as the first bombs fell on the mountains of Afghanistan, a country I’d never given much thought to but which has rarely been out the news since. Then in March 2010, I read about the long-standing White Cemetery in Kabul (whose walls record the growing British casualties alongside those of two previous wars we’ve conducted in the country), and the obituary of its long-serving Muslim caretaker, Rahimullah. Finally, last year, I came across a small article tucked away in a newspaper detailing a leaked document from an MOD think tank. Ahead of our military withdrawal later this year, it reported a frank admission that West’s most recent engagement in Afghanistan, bearing startling parallels to the Soviet’s previously, has failed in a similar and spectacular fashion, and for many of the same reasons.


In its own way, this is going to be a show forex trading o que é about these things.”


Simon Day (Director/Writer)


Initial research and development supported by The Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol and commissioned by Ovalhouse Theatre, London.